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Busting myths about tax justice

September 1, 2014

Prime minister David Cameron has talked tough on tax havens but his government can’t be taken seriously on tax justice. Here are 4 reasons why The Left Economics Advisory Panel lists these reasons: Maude wants the UK to be a tax haven In 2012, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said it was a “compliment for”...
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Home Office blow equivalent of £7500 per employee on disastrous private sector contract

August 20, 2014

As the latest failed fiasco on the Borders is due to cost the general public a whopping £224 million with the Home Office ordered to pay the private American corporation Raytheon, who is going to pay? As the profiteers pocket a staggering amount of wad for their part in delivering a failing programme, will...
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Pay win for Land Registry staff

August 20, 2014

PCS have secured another major win in the Land Registry by defeating its attempt to apply the pay freeze to progression. Agency bosses have confirmed they will not appeal a tribunal ruling in a case we brought against the move and now around 1,500 workers will benefit. Last month we heard we had successfully...
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E-borders fiasco result of cost-cutting obsession

August 20, 2014

The latest e-borders fiasco where the taxpayer has been left to foot a £224 million bill is the result of successive governments’ obsession with cost-cutting The Guardian reported yesterday that the contract to put in place an electronic system to check travellers leaving and entering Britain was ended by the government in July 2010 because...
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New Civil Service Pension Scheme

August 10, 2014

Alpha, the new civil service pension scheme is being introduced on 1 April, 2015 and the Cabinet Office has now asked all departments to publicise details. PCS has consistently campaigned against the government’s attacks on public sector pensions epitomised by our ‘Hands off our Pensions’ campaign. PCS, along with Unite and POA, did not...
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Defend PCS reps’ right to fight for members’ jobs

August 10, 2014

PCS has launched a petition against the disciplinary action imposed on one of our reps for publicising jobcentre staff cuts. Rep George Thompson issued a press release about the number of staff to be cut at 2 north London jobcentres. Management says George breached the Department for Work and Pensions’ standards of behaviour, which...
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PCS Helplines

August 6, 2014

If you need advice or support relating to issues in your workplace, then your first port of call should be your PCS workplace rep. However, PCS have a number of helplines for members you can use, in most cases you will need your PCS membership number to access these. PCS personal and domestic legal...
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Presenting Officer Uniforms

Members will recall that earlier in the year management approached PCS with a proposal for the introduction of uniforms...
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Home Office Hardship Fund

Even with the poverty combating pay award Home Office PCS reps have secured for members over the last year...
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Flexible Working Requests

Parents of children aged under 17 and disabled children under 18 as well as carers of adults, have a...
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Following MB05/14, and following a meeting with PCS on 23rd January 2014, UKVI published their ‘Menu of Options’ for...
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PCS Rep wins out of court settlement on representational rights

Last year Lee Rock, a PCS representative in the Department of Work and Pensions, was sacked from his employment....
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Uniform Roll Out

Kneepad Provision PCS and members have repeatedly raised concerns with the lack of integral knee pads in the new...
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HO/MB/123/13 was issued to members on 26 November and sought to provide information around the Department’s second ‘bribe’ of...
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Border Casework Disaster

Members may recall Members briefings 108/12 and 14/13 detailing the proposed Border Casework move from Border Force into UKBA....
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Facility Time Guidance for PCS Members, Reps and Managers

As we set out earlier the Home Office’s Employee Relations Team, or more specifically, some senior managers within that...
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Local News

West Croydon Branch Annual Report and AGM Reminder

On the 25 February the West Croydon Branch will be be holding its Annual...

Croydon Reporting Centre

Late last week a small number of members in the Reporting Centre raised the...

Facility Time Guidance for PCS Members, Reps and Managers

As we set out earlier the Home Office’s Employee Relations Team, or more specifically,...

Employment Tribunal Success in Unpaid Wages Claim

Acting on behalf of a PCS member a Croydon based union representative submitted an...

We’re All in this Together: A Musical Interlude

As the festive period comes to an end and the prospect of another year...

West Croydon Annual General Meeting 2014

The West Croydon branch’s Annual General Meeting is the most important members meeting of...

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