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Work harder for longer

January 4, 2014

Osborne’s autumn statement proves why we should back the ’68 is too late’ campaign. “68 is too late because you can guarantee that MPs and the top 1% in this country won’t have to work to that age,” said one of our young members An increase in the state pension age was a definite...
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Strong support for New Year’s Eve strike

January 4, 2014

Picket lines around the Capital reported strong support for the New Year’s Eve strike by the Metropolitan Police group of PCS. Met Police group members across London took a 24-hour strike on New Year’s Eve against the imposition of a 1% pay rise, which in real terms amounts to a 2% cut in pay....
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End of year message: thank you

December 22, 2013

It’s something you don’t hear enough from your management or from ministers, but the work that PCS members do is vital and appreciated in every community in this country. You are the backbone of the UK. Without you, this country would not function – from its courts to its airports, from tax collection to...
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MoJ jobs could be privatised within months

December 16, 2013

More than 1,000 civil servants carrying out payroll, HR and IT work for the court and prison services and Home Office could see their jobs privatised within months. The Cabinet Office has asked for a business case to be prepared on outsourcing these vital functions provided by workers in Newport, Wales and Bootle on...
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Shrewsbury 24 justice fight goes to Downing Street

December 16, 2013

The fight for justice for pickets jailed after the 1972 national building dispute is being taken to Downing Street. The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign, backed by PCS and other unions, aims to overturn the unjust prosecutions of 24 building workers following the strike. The pickets have been campaigning for years for the release of files...
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PCS Diary 2014

December 14, 2013

The PCS paper diary has been replaced by a smartphone digital diary for 2014, this means members will not receive a diary through the post. Changes to the way Royal Mail charge for postage have significantly increased the cost of supplying members with a diary. The cost had increased so much that in 2013...
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Failing Grayling’s missed opportunity on justice privatisation

December 14, 2013

We welcome the news that multinationals G4S and Serco are being stripped of their contract tagging offenders. G4S and Serco are being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office after they allegedly overcharged the government by millions of pounds. Allegations included charging for offenders who were either dead or in jail. The monitoring contracts will...
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Home Office job updates

Spending Review Meeting PCS have met with senior management to discuss the Government’s Spending Review 2013. Management confirmed that...
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Thematic Hubs

Members in Enforcement OID will have seen announcements and FAQs on this matter, which is essentially the creation of...
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Home Office plans to revise PEO operating structure

Members will be aware that there are proposals under consideration for the development of the PEO network that will...
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Pay update

Members will be aware from Briefing MB/78/13 that in a better than average postal turnout, PCS members have voted...
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PCS Croydon saves disabled member’s job

Within the last two weeks PCS Croydon reps have reached an agreement on behalf of a PCS member with...
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Home Office loses unfair dismissal case

A trade union member who was dismissed from the Home Office in December 2011 has won his claim of...
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Home Office 2013 pay ballot: result

Members are aware from Briefing MB/65/13 that throughout July, PCS in the Home Office have been balloting members on...
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Transfer of Criminal and Financial Investigator (CFI) members to the National Crime Agency (NCA)

Members will be aware that a decision has been made at ministerial level to transfer members from CFI to...
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PCS Home Office pay ballot result

Throughout July, PCS in the Home Office have been balloting members on management’s offer for a new Pay System...
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Local News

PCS Croydon wins national union communication award

On Thursday 23 May this website, www.pcscroydon.org.uk, attracted national plaudits by taking first prize...

Home Office conference: outcome of West Croydon branch motions

Earlier today the Home Office group conference concluded its business. At the West Croydon...

Croydon Safety reps intervene to prevent potential danger to staff

In recent weeks PCS reps have become aware of planned structural amendments to Lunar...

Land Registry privatisation: A Croydon PCS rep speaks out

Land Registry has been a trading fund for many years; and apart from the...

West Croydon branch stand together to oppose Home Office intimidation of civil service whistleblowers

Last Thursday PCS members in the West Croydon branch, which covers all members working...

West Croydon branch supports Peoples Assembly against austerity

At the most recent Branch Executive Committee meeting the West Croydon branch voted to...

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