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Bin the gagging law!

May 23, 2014

Conference voted unanimously to fight a new gagging law that will have a devastating effect on trade unions in this country. The law, brought in in January, allows the government to fine unions for not having a completely accurate membership list and to have access to those records. Unions will be beset with endless...
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PCS Conference condemns use of zero hours contracts

May 23, 2014

The issue of zero-hours contracts saw passionate speeches from delegates who condemned their exploitative nature and warned that they are spreading. Moving motion 86, Rob Russell of DWP Birmingham South, said: “These contracts exist to benefit the employer and exploit the employee…they hark back to the time of Dickens. They are about greed and...
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Branch calls on NEC to support members at work

May 23, 2014

Wednesday afternoon was a busy afternoon for the West Croydon branch as the branch moved two motions for debate at the packed Brighton Conference Centre. The first – motion A45 on PCS support for PCS members in Employment Tribunal cases was moved by branch treasurer Andrew Leng. Andrew began by setting out the attack...
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West Croydon Chair calls on conference delegates to stop waffling

May 23, 2014

On Wednesday morning the Home Office West Croydon branch chair Jon Morgan called on conference delegates (and the NEC)  to stop waffling when it comes to writing their conference motions. Motion A26, which Jon was moving, called for a word limit of 500 words for motions to conference to be introduced. In explaining the...
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PCS NEC election results 2014

May 10, 2014

The results of the election for members of our national executive committee are now available. The full breakdown of the results and turnout are set out below, as provided by the independent scrutineers. Voting closed at noon on 8 May, 2014  Number of eligible voters: 227,337 Votes cast by post: 18,107 Total number of...
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Sanctions ineffective, jobcentre staff say

May 4, 2014

Jobcentre staff do not believe stopping people’s benefits encourages them to look for work, according to our new survey. Echoing the government’s own research, in a survey of our members who work as jobcentre advisors, 70% of respondents said sanctions had no positive impact. More than three quarters of those who took part said...
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Striking against Land Registry cuts

May 4, 2014

Our members working for the Land Registry will hold a two-day strike against privatisation, job cuts and office closures. We have organised a massive campaign, with the support of industry professionals and MPs, against proposals to privatise the Land Registry. The strike on 14 and 15 May is part of this campaign but specifically...
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PDR 2013/14

The 2012-2013 reporting year was the first in which the Home Office used a three tiered ‘forced ranking’ system...
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Against a background of widespread intimidation and bullying (described by one senior manager at the time as ‘a campaign’),...
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DBS Change in Status

Management in the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) made an announcement regarding a potentially massive development relating to the...
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PCS PEO AHW Explanation

Members within PEO will be fully aware of the implementation of the New Operational Model (NOM) for the PEO...
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International Group changes

PCS met with UK Visas and Immigration (UKV&I) on 1stNovember 2013 to be updated on severalchanges taking place, and...
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Home Office Group Call Centre Workers Network

Across the Home Office Group many members work in “Call Centres” although they will have evolved their own particular...
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Time for the Home Office to take heed on performance monitoring

Home Office management are not backward in repeating the mantra to us, that “we need to be more like...
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Home Office employee sacked after making a complaint of bullying was unfairly dismissed

Members will recall previous branch updates on the case of Kevin Smith who was sacked by the Home Office...
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Oppose the Immigration Bill

Members are encouraged to support the e-action to get your MP to oppose the immigration bill. PCS members will...
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Local News

Aged 27 or less? Then join the Young Members Network

The PCS Young Members Network is open to all PCS members aged 27 years...

PCS write to NRC over equality concerns

The West Croydon branch have written to manager in the National Removals Centre over...

Get your motions ready now for AGM

In February 2014 branches across the Home Office group will hold their Annual General...

Branch seeks 2014 group election clarification

Following instructions from the Branch Executive Committee West Croydon branch officers have written to...

MPLU bullying survey: findings

PCS West Croydon have begun a building wide survey of bullying, harassment and discrimination...

PCS Croydon saves disabled member’s job

Within the last two weeks PCS Croydon reps have reached an agreement on behalf...

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