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Defend social security

May 24, 2014

A fair social security system was called for in a conference debate on ‘welfare reform’. Speaking to motion A81 which noted our union’s distinguished history of campaigning against destructive ‘welfare reforms,’ our vice president John McInally said the poor, the vulnerable and the public sector had been blamed for the financial crisis. “Big corporations are making millions...
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Coordinated action on pay considered

May 23, 2014

Our assistant general secretary Chris Baugh spoke passionately for the NEC in support of coordinated strike action across the public sector to break the pay cap. Chris, speaking to conference on Tuesday, pointed to the ‘pivotal role PCS has played in galvanising action’ in the face of the brutal attacks on jobs and pay....
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The scandal of foodbank dependency

May 23, 2014

The dramatic rise in foodbank usage was highlighted by delegates at conference. Motion A85, proposed by Revenue and Customs Stockton and North Yorkshire, stated there has been a 170% rise in the number of people in the last 12 months. In the first 6 months of this year 614,000, according to the Trussell Trust...
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Bin the gagging law!

May 23, 2014

Conference voted unanimously to fight a new gagging law that will have a devastating effect on trade unions in this country. The law, brought in in January, allows the government to fine unions for not having a completely accurate membership list and to have access to those records. Unions will be beset with endless...
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PCS Conference condemns use of zero hours contracts

May 23, 2014

The issue of zero-hours contracts saw passionate speeches from delegates who condemned their exploitative nature and warned that they are spreading. Moving motion 86, Rob Russell of DWP Birmingham South, said: “These contracts exist to benefit the employer and exploit the employee…they hark back to the time of Dickens. They are about greed and...
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Branch calls on NEC to support members at work

May 23, 2014

Wednesday afternoon was a busy afternoon for the West Croydon branch as the branch moved two motions for debate at the packed Brighton Conference Centre. The first – motion A45 on PCS support for PCS members in Employment Tribunal cases was moved by branch treasurer Andrew Leng. Andrew began by setting out the attack...
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West Croydon Chair calls on conference delegates to stop waffling

May 23, 2014

On Wednesday morning the Home Office West Croydon branch chair Jon Morgan called on conference delegates (and the NEC)  to stop waffling when it comes to writing their conference motions. Motion A26, which Jon was moving, called for a word limit of 500 words for motions to conference to be introduced. In explaining the...
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Asylum – New Targets

Members in Asylum will have seen the global edict on 26 February from Glyn Williams, the Director, regarding productivity...
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More Tory hypocrisy as former civil service job cuts announced

In January the Prime Minister David Cameron announced to the World Economic Forum that he was establishing a new...
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Presenting Officer Uniforms

Members will recall that earlier in the year management approached PCS with a proposal for the introduction of uniforms...
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Home Office Hardship Fund

Even with the poverty combating pay award Home Office PCS reps have secured for members over the last year...
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Flexible Working Requests

Parents of children aged under 17 and disabled children under 18 as well as carers of adults, have a...
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Following MB05/14, and following a meeting with PCS on 23rd January 2014, UKVI published their ‘Menu of Options’ for...
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PCS Rep wins out of court settlement on representational rights

Last year Lee Rock, a PCS representative in the Department of Work and Pensions, was sacked from his employment....
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Uniform Roll Out

Kneepad Provision PCS and members have repeatedly raised concerns with the lack of integral knee pads in the new...
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HO/MB/123/13 was issued to members on 26 November and sought to provide information around the Department’s second ‘bribe’ of...
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Local News

West Croydon nominations and motions booklet

In advance of the West Croydon branch AGM on 25th February the BEC have...

West Croydon AGM Motions Update

At 2pm today the window for nominations and motions for debate at the branch’s...

East Croydon Branch AGM

The PCS HO East Croydon Branch Annual General Meeting will take place on 3rd...

West Croydon Branch Annual Report and AGM Reminder

On the 25 February the West Croydon Branch will be be holding its Annual...

Croydon Reporting Centre

Late last week a small number of members in the Reporting Centre raised the...

Facility Time Guidance for PCS Members, Reps and Managers

As we set out earlier the Home Office’s Employee Relations Team, or more specifically,...

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