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Tory Cabinet monitored strikers in order to impede Union member’s careers

January 25, 2014

Margaret Thatcher’s government kept files on civil service strikers, it has been revealed. Her cabinet was urged to monitor participation in industrial action so civil servants’ career prospects could be blocked, newly released government papers show. The revelation was dug out of documents published by the National Archives by Whitehall’s in-house newspaper Civil Service...
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Commons staff take pay case to court

January 21, 2014

Our members responsible for admin and services in the House of Commons have launched a high court case over contractual pay progression. Staff in the Commons Commission, whose work includes the maintenance of the Palace of Westminster and the rest of the Parliamentary Estate, have not had a pay rise for three years and...
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Save Legal Aid

January 18, 2014

PCS are supporting a petition launched earlier this week by Justice Alliance to protect access to justice for all by opposing the cuts to legal aid. The UK legal system has long been the envy of the world. One of its cornerstones has been ensuring that access to justice was available for all of...
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Employment Tribunal Success in Unpaid Wages Claim

January 10, 2014

Acting on behalf of a PCS member a Croydon based union representative submitted an Employment Tribunal claim against the Home Office for making what we believe to have been unlawful deductions from the member’s salary. Before making this complaint to the tribunal reps sought to resolve this issue under the department’s internal resolution processes...
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How the Home Office is trying to prevent your Union from representing you

January 6, 2014

In the Home Office Headquarters in Marsham Street, there is a small unit called the ‘Employee Relations Team’. They don’t deal with Asylum or Immigration cases; they don’t oversee the borders; they don’t issue passports; they don’t manage the Department’s finances; they don’t even undertake any of the myriad number of essential backroom functions...
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Osborne’s vision of run-down welfare state is bleak start to 2014

January 6, 2014

George Osborne’s vision of a run-down welfare state is a bleak start to 2014, PCS says. Commenting on the chancellor’s promise of more spending cuts, including billions more from social security, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Osborne took this country to the brink of an unprecedented triple dip recession and, while our economy...
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Barristers join action against justice cuts

January 6, 2014

PCS have continued our campaigning to protect our justice system by backing criminal barristers’ first ever direct action against legal aid cuts. Barristers stayed out of court this morning, joined by some solicitors, and lawyers wielding placards staged demonstrations against plans to cut £220m from a criminal legal aid budget of about £1bn. Legal proceedings across...
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Oppose the Immigration Bill

Members are encouraged to support the e-action to get your MP to oppose the immigration bill. PCS members will...
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Home Office try, again, to silence member’s voices.

The Home Office have imposed arrangements that has put severe restrictions on PCS union reps and will have an...
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The future of asylum

Members across the Department will be aware that major changes to the way that we deal with asylum cases...
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TCA changes to cover SCS mistakes

Temporary Cover Allowance (TCA) is meant to be used as a short term way of placing staff at a...
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Home Office removals work in scope for privatisation

On 6 September 2013 PCS was informed that Immigration Enforcement would be working with Capita on scoping the tasks...
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Have the Home Office designated this website as malicious?

PCS Croydon are aware that members attempting to view the PCS Croydon website have been told when they try...
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Operating Mandate Course: Update for Border Force members

As all of you aware the Operating Mandating Course has been decreed as compulsory for all operational Border Force...
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Criminal Casework Update

In late September, Assistant Group Secretary, Chris Kelly and I, attended a meeting with senior management in CCD to...
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Home Office Pay latest: PCS/FDA deal is basis of enhanced offer

PCS appreciate that where the introduction of the proposed new pay system has been concerned, members have been incredibly...
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Local News

PCS Croydon saves disabled member’s job

Within the last two weeks PCS Croydon reps have reached an agreement on behalf...

Croydon citizens outnumber fascists in anti-facist demonstration

Yesterday around 30-40 fascists from the English Defence League and English Volunteer Force outside...

Racist Protest outside the Home Office (Lunar House): Update for members

On 27 July a group of racist thugs who call themselves the English Volunteer...

New branch Equality Officer appointed

On Thursday the West Croydon branch held its Branch Executive Committee meeting which addressed...

Day of protest: PCS Croydon calls on members to write to their MP

Across the UK today PCS members will be protesting at the unremitting attack of...

Ban the EVF demo at Lunar House on 27 July 2013

A few days ago we updated members on the work local PCS reps have...

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