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UK Tax Evasion now at £80 Billion

September 22, 2014

Tax evasion now costs our economy more than £80 billion a year, new figures show. If unchecked, it could rise to £100 billion by 2018/19, the research by tax expert and campaigner Richard Murphy shows. Richard first revealed the ‘missing billions’ of uncollected tax in 2008 and has worked closely with us and groups...
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A Scottish Referendum Message from PCS

September 19, 2014

The people of Scotland have now voted for Scotland to remain as part of the UK. The protection of public services, jobs, pay and pensions remains central to how we will continue to engage with any future constitutional change and with governments and legislatures in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Respecting the...
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MPs back union’s call for proper staffing in the Passport Office

September 16, 2014

A group of MPs have backed the Public and Commercial Services union’s demand for proper staffing in the Passport Office. The recent crisis was caused by understaffing, the union maintains, and a new report by the home affairs committee highlights the excessive overtime being worked this year. The union also welcomes the committee’s call...
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Join the PCS Levy

September 15, 2014

On 10 July PCS members took coordinated strike action with union members in local government, education and the fire service over pay and our national campaign issues. The campaign continues and now local government workers are planning to strike on 14 October and health service unions are balloting over pay. PCS is talking to...
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Branch concern over PCS’ lack of support for unfairly dismissed rep

September 15, 2014

Members will recall that at the PCS Annual Delegates Conference in May this year the West Croydon branch moved motion A47 which Conference unanimously passed. This motion sought to clarify PCS policy on the defense of PCS activists who are targeted by their employer because of their trade union activities. Last year one PCS...
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Check-off attacks are attempt to undermine PCS

September 14, 2014

Government attempts to end the system of collecting PCS union subs from salaries in the civil service are an attack on the union, TUC Congress heard. Emergency motion 2, proposed by PCS delegate Helen Flanagan on Wednesday morning, expressed concern that since the end of July a number of civil service departments have announced...
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Card vote held on Trades Councils’ attendance at Congress

September 14, 2014

The Trades Union Councils have been overturned in their request for a delegate to attend Congress Motion 78 referred to a motion submitted to Congress in 2013 by the Trades Union Councils’ Conference. The motion had included a bullet point that a trades union council delegate should attend TUC Congress and move the Trades...
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After 73% of members voted to take strike action and action short of a strike a programme of action...
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Join PCS and Join the Strike for Fair Pay on July 10

On the 10th July PCS Union members  in the Home Office will join hundreds of thousands of colleagues across...
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Temporary Migration dress code

Further to Members Brief HO/MB/38/14, your PCS GEC, along with the local branch PCS representatives meet with the Director...
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MOJ Privatisation Announced

On 23 June management in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced to its staff that the MoJ’s Shared Services...
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Personal information of Home Office staff may be at risk following senior manager privatisation plans

As members are aware, “Shared Services” are ‘corporate’ services such as Human Resources and Information Technology, which are run...
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Strike warning over passport crisis

PCS have told passport office bosses they could face industrial action if they fail to tackle the jobs crisis....
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Home Office in Crisis

PCS members are being balloted over the Governments’ pay cap that is squeezing members’ finances to near breaking point...
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PCS Legal Services

PCS provides a range of support, legal and personal, to all its members. In some cases, we can extend...
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Uniform Uncertainty

PCS Croydon are aware of recent proposals currently under a ‘period of consultation’ that there should be an implementation...
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Local News

Oppose racism wherever it is found

This year PCS conference passed motion A83 submitted by the Revenue and Customs East...

Defend our reps!

West Croydon branch secretary Richard Gillingham spoke on Wednesday afternoon on the need for...

Branch calls on NEC to support members at work

Wednesday afternoon was a busy afternoon for the West Croydon branch as the branch...

Non Payment of salary for PEO members

PCS have become aware of a number of members within PEO Croydon  who have...

West Croydon Chair calls on conference delegates to stop waffling

On Wednesday morning the Home Office West Croydon branch chair Jon Morgan called on...

West Croydon Mandate Meeting

The West Croydon branch will be holding a mandate meeting on Thursday 15 May,...

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