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New ‘Alpha’ Civil Service Pension Scheme explained

November 5, 2014

A lot is happening in civil service and state pensions. PCS is providing information to supplement employer communications about the new scheme Alpha.  The government intends for the new scheme to apply to civil service employees from 1 April, 2015.  There are 3 groups of people it concerns, these are: Protected group  People who...
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Government equality body in breach of equality law

November 5, 2014

The EHRC’s pay proposals will mean black workers fall further behind their white colleagues. Plans by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to impose a below-inflation 1% rise for 2013/14 would increase the pay gap based on race from 15.5% to nearly 17%. In March 2011, it was 8.36%. The disability pay gap has...
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Back the lobby against TfL cuts

November 4, 2014

Don’t cut jobs and ticket offices, is the message from PCS members who are joining a lobby of Transport for London Board on Wednesday. TfL Unions Together, an alliance of recognised trade unions in TfL and Better London Transport, a community alliance campaigning for affordable, safe and accessible transport services for all across London,...
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Asylum Botched

October 31, 2014

Members may have seen recent reports in the press condemning the Home Office over its handling of Asylum, following the publication of the highly critical House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) report on ‘Reforming the UK border and immigration system’. The report does not reflect well on the Home Office and raises...
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Exposing the ‘no money’ myth

October 31, 2014

A common pronouncement the government makes is there is less money around, particularly as a justification for the wide-ranging cuts. But analysis shows this is far from the truth Office for National Statistics data published in June found that the annual disposable income had increased by £940 for the richest fifth of households between...
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Legal aid cuts: landmark cases unlikely to be taken today

October 31, 2014

Lawyers campaigning against government cuts to legal aid have highlighted 4 high-profile cases, including the murder of Stephen Lawrence, they believe would not have been taken today. The government is hugely reducing funding for legal aid by cutting the annual bill by £350 million. Lawyers’ fees for criminal law have been cut significantly and...
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Fighting Fund

October 25, 2014

The PCS fighting fund supports members taking targeted industrial action. We are asking all members to make a voluntary donation of £2 a month to support striking members whose action could exert significant pressure on the government to enter into national negotiations over the key issues in our dispute: Pay Pensions Jobs Terms and conditions...
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MPs back union’s call for proper staffing in the Passport Office

A group of MPs have backed the Public and Commercial Services union’s demand for proper staffing in the Passport...
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Travel and Subsistence Changes

Home Office and HMPO recently imposed significant changes to the Travel Manual / Guidance under the Civil Service Reform...
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Check-off attacks are attempt to undermine PCS

Government attempts to end the system of collecting PCS union subs from salaries in the civil service are an...
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Modern Times

Members will have seen via communications from the Department recently that they are to introduce ‘modernised’ terms and conditions...
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Home Office blow equivalent of £7500 per employee on disastrous private sector contract

As the latest failed fiasco on the Borders is due to cost the general public a whopping £224 million...
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Shared Services Privatisation Fight

As members are aware, “Shared Services” are ‘corporate’ services such as Human Resources and Information Technology, which are run...
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In Sickness and in Health

As members will now be aware via ‘Horizon’ and ‘Exchange’, the department is looking to introduce a new attendance...
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Why immigration is good for all of us

As the coalition ramps up the rhetoric on limiting immigration and so-called benefits tourism we look at why immigration...
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Can’t get a passport in time for your holiday? This is austerity in action

Today colleagues in the Home Office group who work in Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) took strike action to...
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Local News

Mark Serwotka commits to push for equal employment law rights for civil servants

The Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidated) Act 1992 confers certain rights on trade...

Home Office announce end to check off

Last week Home Office senior managers wrote to PCS to announce that it intended...

Branch raises data protection concerns in Croydon Contact Centre

Following concerns made known the West Croydon branch officers the branch have today written...


After 73% of members voted to take strike action and action short of a...

PEO Croydon update

Last month PCS Croydon issued a members’ briefing to all PEO members which set...

Uniform Uncertainty

PCS Croydon are aware of recent proposals currently under a ‘period of consultation’ that...

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