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Join a Union

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Wherever you work you should join a Trade Union. Membership of a Trade Union is a key democratic right and helps to ensure that your voice is really heard by those who seek to close their ears to ordinary working people.

If you are a Civil Servant then you should join PCS (here’s ten reasons why). You can do that by visiting the PCS website or by phoning them on (freephone) 0800 317 464. However, if you work in an area with an established PCS presence then we recommend you talk to them to introduce yourself as they will have membership forms you can use.

If you are not a civil servant there are a lot of other Trade Unions you can join depending on where you work. You can find details of unions at the WorkSmart website.

Here’s what the Trades Union Congress says about joining a union:

Today’s unions are listened to by government and employers. Many of the rights we enjoy at work have been won by union campaigning. We get things done and provide a quality service.

Every day unions help thousands of people at work. Last year unions won a record £330 million compensation for their members through legal action. They won £1 million in equal pay claims – an average of £15,000 per member. And of course unions help negotiate better pay and conditions.

But unions are not just there when something goes wrong. We understand today’s working people. Union workplaces are safer, and more likely to help employees get on with better training and development programmes. And in the best workplaces employers and unions have put behind them outdated ideas of confrontation and work together in partnership.

Partnership employers recognise that staff morale and commitment are improved when they are treated well, have their views taken into account and enjoy job security. And in return staff take more pride in their work and are more ready to embrace the changes modern firms often need to compete.

Unions take on the bad employers, and work with the good to make them better.

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