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FOI Request: Annual Leave Ban and M10

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Before the most recent strike on 10 May many members expressed concern to us that even though PCS had not yet made a decision on whether industrial action would be taken management had dictated that no leave was to be given to staff. This edict caused chaos to some staff, especially those with caring responsibilities.

In order to find out who authorised this the branch has made a freedom of information request to the Home Office. We will make sure we publish their response.

We have recently had some ‘interesting’ responses (or rather, non-responses) to recent FOI requests but are taking advice on escalating these as we do not feel the Home Ofice is being as transparent as it should. But, should any members in the FOI Team read this please be assured we are not trying to create work for you and understand that often the less than helpful responses have only been issued because you have been instructed to do so by senior managers (unlike many requestors we actually know how the FOI process in the Home Office works!)

The Branch’s request sent to-day is below:

FOI Team,

Re: Annual Leave Ban/Restrictions on 10 May.

As you will be aware on 18 April 2012 the Public and Commercial Services Union served notice on you that on 10 May 2012 it would call strike action in respect of its ongoing dispute with HM Government.

The branch are aware that prior to this date instructions had been made to managers in various regions of the Home Office and UKBA, and therefore this is indicative that this originated from a SCS source that they should not approve any leave requested by staff for 10 May 2012 except in exceptional circumstances.

Could you please provide the following information:

  • Who authorised this instruction?
  • A copy of the instruction / the instruction to Regional Directors to issue such an instruction.
  • Confirmation whether the instruction had been discussed with anyone senior to the authorising individual and, if so, with whom? For example, had the CEO, Perm Sec, Minister, other Ministers been consulted / had sight of the instruction?
  • A copy of all information related to this instruction (including prepatory minutes/discussion notes)

This request is exclusive of any information sent to or from PCS HQ.

Please provide this information electronically.

Yours faithfully

PCS West Croydon Branch (Home Office)

If there are other issues you, as a member, feel your union should raise please let us know at pcswestcroydon@gmail.com.

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