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Equality Survey

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All PCS members in the Home Office are asked to complete the online equality survey being conducted by the PCS Home Office Group.

The survey can be completed online and the full notes are available on the PCS website. Completing the survey only takes 10 minutes to complete but provides important – and confidential – information to help us mount effective campaigns on behalf of our members.

Remember though, in addition to completing the survey if the issues raised in the survey are affecting you at work you should seek the help of your local PCS representative. There is far too much bullying and victimisation of staff in the Home Office – only by speaking up will the issue be properly addressed.


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Not a member? Join PCS Today! If you're an Agency or Fixed Term Appointment employee you are likely to be able to join for free for the first six months. Speak to a rep, email membership@pcs.org.uk or phone PCS membership dept on 0800 317464 for more information. As a branch we are keen to recruit new agency/contractor workers so please get in touch. PCS is not just for civil servants but for anyone who works for central government!

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